3 Tips to Help You Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur

April 10, 2018  Jeff Olson Avatar
3 Tips to Help You Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur
Jeff Olson, Founder and CEO of Neora™, is a dynamic and visionary leader who has served in many executive roles across different business channels and companies. He is also a best-selling author and speaker.

Do the Thing…

Neora has been blessed. In our short time of operating, we’ve reached unprecedented success and I believe the best is yet to come! We launched Neora around three words: Make People Better. As an industry leader in age-fighting solutions, we want you to look better, feel better, and live better. That’s why Neora is motivated to develop innovative age-defying skincare and wellness solutions. We are also laser-focused on bringing you entrepreneurial opportunities to help you live your dream life.

And You Shall Have the Power

Let’s jump right in! The life of an entrepreneur can be extremely rewarding. In past years, I’ve spoken to many people with the intelligence and ability to make it work as an entrepreneur, but fear and doubt get in the way, so they don’t even try! Here’s what I like to say to these folks: “Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.” I’m not sure who the author is but the message spot on. With the right philosophy, you can do anything. Remember, it’s never too late to start but it’s always too late to wait !!!

A Frog on a Lily Pad

Here’s the best advice I can give you: be the frog who not only decides to jump off the lily pad but actually jumps. If you haven’t read The Slight Edge, here’s what I mean: DECIDING to do something doesn’t mean anything. Actually DOING IT is the key! With that said, here are three tips (and there’ll be more tips in my next blog) to help you prepare to unleash your inner entrepreneur.

  1. Jump
    I’m positive every person in the world has some kind of dream — whether it is about your career or the person you want to marry. Every person wants something. Everyone has a dream but not everyone has vision. The difference is talking about everything you want to accomplish will not advance you to where you want to go. DOING it, like I said before, is key. Commit to action and you’ve already won half the battle. Don’t be the frog on the lily pad who just decides to jump. Take action and do it. Remember, your ultimate goal may remain the same from year to year but it’s only normal to constantly revise your plan and the path that will get you there.
  2. Step Up Your Game
    Taking the step that commits you to action is only one half of the challenge. The other half is consistency. Keep your eyes on the prize and every day, no matter what, keep at it. Most people give up before they even really get started which means more than half of your competition is eliminated. Keeping pushing forward. Consistency pays off.
  3. See the Glass As At Least Half Full
    Research shows that people who consistently practice seeing challenges as opportunities rather than problems, people who focus on the best in a situation instead of the worst, people who choose to have a positive outlook instead of a negative one, are happier, more creative, earn more money, have more friends, and even have better immune systems. There’s tons of research on this topic. Did you know you can actually train your brain to think more positive? If you have the right mindset and can think positive even when the situation looks dire, you can embrace the challenge, and look for the opportunity instead of focusing on the worst. An attitude of gratitude is one of the most consistently present traits in happier people.

I really want you to think about these three tips for the next few weeks. Let’s hold each other accountable. In the comment section, write down: (1) which action you are committing to; (2) your plan for consistently DOING the thing; and (3) the end goal you’re working toward.

On May 8th, I’ll share with you the remaining tips to help you unleash your inner entrepreneur. Let’s start this journey together!


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    MidtownMatt 6 years ago

    Really good advice I copy n pasted a paragraph from this on my social media sites.

    “Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.”

    I don’t remember who said this either but it is dead on!

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    Danielle Hanneken 6 years ago

    1. Make 2 new friends everyday
    2 . Get up and get out and make it happen
    3 At least one new BP by April 30

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    Corrie Soltero 6 years ago

    I have been looking for some new thing to do with my life and the biggest challenge has been finding something I can stand behind and believe in. I think I have FINALLY found that something with Nerium! A product that is real, that works and that I could be proud to share with the world! Here is my list….
    1) Find out everything there is to know about becoming a brand partner with Nerium.
    2) Invest the time each day connecting with as many successful Nerium members as possible to grow my own network of positive and highly motivated individuals who crave the same level of success that I do.
    3)The finish line or end goal of my continuing journey is to achieve a level of success for myself and others that will allow my family a more relaxed lifestyle that allows us to travel, take vacations and spend quality time together and just enjoy life in a manner that we had only dreamed of before. Helping others achieve the same life altering success is a major piece of the puzzle.

    • Sounds like a great list! To connect with fellow successful Neora members, be sure to join our exclusive Brand Partner community at Team Neora Group. All the best, Corrie.

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