Tips to stay confident – even in the hard times

July 2, 2019  Neora™ Avatar
Tips to stay confident – even in the hard times

We all have times in our lives when we need a confidence boost. For Neora Independent Brand Partners, confidence is essential when you’re in charge of your own business.

So what do you do when you’re having a bad day? How do you muster the confidence to ask someone to believe in your vision, or the courage to step on a stage to address a roomful of people? We asked Neora Brand Partners to share their confidence boosters and this is what they had to say.

“I remember that it’s not personal.”
-Terri Maddalone-Ristau
“Personal development and growth has been the biggest gift and what has helped me through the roller coaster of our journey.”
-Diana Rodriguez
“I LOVE all of our products and KNOW they change people’s lives. Also, confidence in our leaders and executive team who hold such high standards makes me proud to be a part of this company. Being on a team of high achievers keeps us all moving upward. All of that gives me confidence daily and remember: Some will, some won’t, NEXT!”
-Joan Quates Makowske
“Every time you make a mistake, you learn something. So, I made a lot of mistakes and I am making them still. But each time I make them, I become a bit better at what I am trying to do with my side business. Patience is key – patience with yourself and those around you.”
-Alana Valino​
“I trusted the people who came before me. The ‘No’s’ don’t bother me. I know the products work and the business is good, so they are missing out. Even when my business wasn’t growing, I knew it would because the products work.”
-Kim Skaggs
“The biggest way to keep your confidence high is to have your daily business plan written out and stick to it. Don’t worry about the outcome – just reach out and follow up to hit your daily mark. Mastering the mundane without fear of the outcome builds your confidence.”
-Maisha McGee Scott
“If you have no failures, you aren’t trying hard enough. Fail your way to success.”
-Rebecca VS
“For me, confidence has always been an inside job. First, I had to visualize myself being and doing what I wanted to be and do. Then I had to affirm it to myself even if others didn’t. That’s not a one-and-done job – it’s every single time I need to do it. And when I need to really get out of my own way, I do the best thing possible: I do something to help someone else.”
-Lynda Goodwyn

Everyone – business owner or not – sometimes needs to remind themselves that they are enough and that they’re on the right track. We hope these tips and ideas can help you the next time doubt creeps in.


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