Neora Events Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

April 26, 2019  Neora™ Avatar
Neora Events Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

Real Results Parties. Market Parties. Regionals. Corporate training events. Get Real.

As an Independent Brand Partner, you don’t have an office to go to five days a week, but time with your fellow Brand Partners – learning from each other, lifting each other up and building friendships – is still essential to building your business. Neora™ has created a roadmap for Brand Partners that includes a variety of events with a goal to help you build your business from event to event.

Real Results Parties

We want you – and, more importantly, your customers – to have fun. Neora Real Results Parties are a chance to share our life-changing products and opportunity, and the time for you to meet potential team members and loyal customers in a low-pressure setting. If they like what you have to say and they’re someone you want on your team, it’s a match! As for the party aspect? Make it a spa day and take a little time to treat yourselves. Or have special drinks ready so guests can mix in the Youth Factor powder. Look for ideas and helpful tips in the Real Results Party Toolkit in your Marketing Center. Have fun, pamper your guests and let our stellar products go to work!

Market Parties

Again, we have the word parties. And, again, you should be having fun at Market Parties. You’re with a great group of people! But make no mistake. This is where your guests get a more serious look at the business aspect of what we do, and how they can earn extra income and build a thriving business of their own. This is where your potential teammates realize they have dreams that Neora can help make a reality! Market Parties are not available in all locations, but you can fill in the gap with three-way calls, one-on-one meetings or videos that help your customers and prospects learn more about Neora’s products and opportunity.


This is where you get the latest Neora updates to help you build a strong business; and it’s a great place to connect with other Brand Partners in your region. You’ll come away armed with the information needed to provide the best customer support, too. You and your teams learn all the ins and outs of the business here. Some of the information is the same and some of it is new every month. It’s the same so that the people who are new that month can learn it, and it is a refresher for the others who have seen it before. This is a great way for everyone to be on the same page, so that building your business is the same from California to Florida and everywhere in between. This is also where you experience the beautiful culture of our company and share it with your guests and team members.

Leadership Training Events

Every once in a while, companies will send their associates to a seminar. This usually means they see potential in your future and want to encourage your growth. Well, we see potential in ALL of our Brand Partners. We succeed when you succeed, and we want to give you the tools to not only grow in your Neora business, but in your life. You might not believe it, but we know there’s a leader inside everyone, and we want to help you bring your inner leader out!

Get Real

Our annual Neora Get Real conference is time for you to celebrate a great year of business and get all the latest tools, news and resources you need to keep moving forward. You’ll be introduced to our latest breakthrough  products – how they fit into our existing lines and the cutting-edge research that led to their creation. This is your chance to connect to and learn from top leaders in the field and corporate executives. And, if you’re looking for a party, don’t miss our annual White Party on the last night of the conference. You’ll make memories that will last a lifetime!

All these events serve a different purpose for your business. If you are consistent in attendance and go in with intention, as our Founder and CEO Jeff Olson encourages in the Neora Rhythm book, we have no doubt you’ll experience growth that you never imagined!



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