Neora’s Positive Brand Partner Growth, Product Awards, and New Field Leadership

April 16, 2018  Neora™ Avatar
Neora’s Positive Brand Partner Growth, Product Awards, and New Field Leadership

Neora’s company history is all about doing things differently! By bringing innovative new skincare and wellness solutions to market in addition to recent sales incentives, we’re continuing to do just that. The response in the first quarter of 2018 has been a wave of positive business growth across all markets, from the press release:

Neora’s U.S. and global sales teams are flourishing in markets throughout North America, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Europe with month over month growth in new brand partners joining Neora in many markets. Neora reports that Q1 new Brand Partner growth was phenomenal and is trending upward as compared to the previous month. In February, Neora Australia saw a 90 percent increase, Neora Mexico a 120 percent increase, and Neora Colombia a 245 percent increase. In March, Neora U.S. and Neora Hong Kong each saw a 73 percent increase, Neora Japan an 85 percent increase, Neora Canada a 163 percent increase and Neora Korea experienced an unprecedented 237 percent increase. Neora has also announced its intent to expand in Switzerland to complement its German and Austrian European markets.
(Full press release: Business Wire, 4/16/2018)

Having debuted in January, Neora Prolistic Skin-Balancing Lotion has already been featured in the New York Post and awarded by OK! Magazine as one the award-worthy launches of 2018. Together with the Prolistic Pre-& Probiotic Plus Vitamin Powder, it’s a complete wellness solution that produces optimal benefits on your skin and in your gut. That’s protection essential for any season!

Also in January, Bo Short, joined Neora as our Chief Sales Officer and his leadership is rippling throughout the organization. “With the addition of Bo Short leading our sales organization and his focus on field training and leadership development, and the strategic introduction of innovative new skincare and wellness products, Neora is experiencing impressive growth of new Independent Brand Partners in recent months,” said Founder and CEO Jeff Olson.

Beyond growth of new Brand Partners, Neora has also seen some exciting rank advancements in its existing Brand Partner base. We celebrated Jenny Song from Neora Korea as a new 4-Star National Marketing Director. Bo Short says Jenny is “an example of high achievement and determination who—without any direct sales experience, worked over the last few years to help her team succeed and is reaping the rewards of that hard work. We are extremely proud of Jenny as a beacon of light to others as to what is possible.”

With the double- and triple-digit percentage growth in new Brand Partners joining Neora in recent months, world-class products, and strong business leadership, it’s no wonder that our annual sales convention in Las Vegas is titled, “No Boundaries”. Make plans to join us for the Neora Get Real Conference this July as we set our sights on continued growth in 2018 and beyond.

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