A Few Tips for Getting the Full Virtual Get Real 2020 Experience

September 18, 2020  Neora™ Avatar
A Few Tips for Getting the Full Virtual Get Real 2020 Experience
Get Real 2020

A Few Tips to Maximize your Virtual Get Real Experience

As we continue to make the best out of this crazy year, we are moving-full steam ahead and Get Real 2020 will be here before we know it. While we share your disappointment that we can’t meet in person, we are working around the clock to make sure our virtual global event will deliver the ultimate Neora experience September 25 – 26, 2020. Whether it is in-person or online, Neora’s message is still the same: Get Real is a real opportunity to learn, grow and connect so you can build the life you have always wanted. Here are a few tips for you to get the best experience out of this year’s virtual conference:

Pay Attention to the Schedule

Get Real is designed to be motivational, fast-paced and full of high energy. Starting day one you’ll learn all about Neora’s innovative skincare, hair care and wellness products; get direct access to world-class training and direction; and acquire plenty of motivation from Neora’s leadership as well as this year’s keynote speaker Kindra Hall. Although this year’s conference is virtual, there are still a lot of moving parts to making GR 2020 happen. It’s really important that you pay attention to the schedule, so you don’t miss a thing. Please note: all times posted are in Central Daylight Time. Don’t forget to set aside extra time on your schedule for On Demand Workshops available at your convenience throughout the conference weekend. That’s in addition to the 6 hours of incredible leadership and vision you’ll experience from the main stage during General Session!

Adjust Your Focus

In the past, we have been fortunate enough to have your full, undivided attention at our Get Real events. With all of the inspirational stories and life-changing training you can’t get anywhere else, it’s hard not to stay focused. Even though uplifting messages of the conference haven’t changed, how you’ll receive it will. We recommend careful planning of where you will set up your viewing space to minimize distractions. Also, let people know your plans beforehand to limit any possible interruptions. If you attend the virtual conference with the same commitment as attending any of our in-person events, then you will put yourself in the right mindset to get the maximum benefits GR 2020 has to offer.

Take Lots of Notes

Note taking is essential at any Neora event because of the important and exclusive information you’ll receive. At GR 2020, you’ll still get the latest tools and training to build your business, be the first to hear about our exciting and upcoming announcements, and get inspired by featured speakers in personal development. Best-selling author and master storyteller Kindra Hall will show you how to use your stories to create connections and enhance your success. Remember to make note of concepts and strategies you want to implement immediately, key takeaways you want to learn more about after the conference and action items you can incorporate into your business. We believe that Neora’s global Get Real 2020 will provide the information, motivation and excitement you’re looking for to build your business with confidence and earn the life of your dreams.

Be Engaged

Absence makes the heart grow fonder and we truly love our Neora family. While we are celebrating in our new socially distanced world, it doesn’t mean we can’t use every digital advantage to reach out and connect with each other. You can’t have relationship marketing without relationships. Make sure to use your social media platforms to network with your fellow Brand Partners as well as company executives, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to celebrate your own achievements as well as the success of others. Don’t forget to use #NeoraGetReal and tag your photos on Instagram @official_neora or Facebook @NeoraOfficial for your chance to make it on the virtual big screen!

Bring That Positive Attitude

We pride ourselves on being a worldwide leader in the happiness movement and Get Real is a shining example. We promise GR 2020 is going to be packed with positivity and fun. We can’t do it alone and we need your happy energy, too. Research shows that happier people are more likely to be engaged in life filled with purpose, meaning and success. So, don’t hold back and bring your happy game and let’s see what we can accomplish this year. And to not break tradition, we will need full participation as we wrap the conference up with Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.”

We are excited for you to be part of the energy behind Neora’s momentum. Get ready to experience our most inspirational and exciting event ever. We’re confident you’ll close out the weekend ready to shine brighter, be bolder and get better. If you have more specific questions about our upcoming Get Real conference, check out or email We look forward to seeing you September 25–26, 2020 for an exceptional two days of Get Real!



  • Avatar
    Shelley Jones 4 years ago

    Can’t wait to see you all too! 🤗🇨🇦

    • Avatar
      Grace Quates 4 years ago

      My first conference! Very eager to learn and move forward. Thank you for the opportunity!

      • Avatar
        D Cleal 4 years ago

        Hi Grace,

        This is my first conference, and Im really looking forward to this amazing opportunity. . . yahoo 😉

  • Avatar
    Dawn Harlow 4 years ago

    I have been in the biz for almost 6 years now & have attended all but 1 conference. I can’t wait! I have the day off from the full time job, kids will be at school so I am ready to go for FRI-YAY!!!!

  • Avatar
    Patty 4 years ago

    So excited

  • Avatar
    Lois Carbardi 4 years ago

    Looking forward to my very first Neora conference!!
    I have been told by many that “conference” will be “life changing”!
    I can’t wait!!!😍😊👍😎

    • Avatar
      Donna Cleal 4 years ago

      This is my first Neora conference too Lois. . .Im excited to be able to attend this live changing event.

  • Avatar
    Skye Sample 4 years ago

    Excited for training and announcements!

  • Avatar
    Nicole Birchak 4 years ago

    NEVER needed this More! Lets Do this Neora!

  • Avatar
    Julie Williams 4 years ago

    I’m a new BP, less than a month and I am looking forward to all the knowledge that will be shared during this conference.

    • Avatar
      Jessica Settles 4 years ago

      My first conference and I’m pumped!! Cannot wait to learn how to grow my business!!

  • Avatar
    Deb Peterson 4 years ago

    SO VERY EXCITED!!!!! Can’t wait for the conference to begin and the classes!!!! I am so ready to learn more for my business!!!!!

  • Avatar
    Lisa J Theoharides 4 years ago

    So excited for our Virtual Conference!!! Three Days filled with Golden Nuggets!!

  • Avatar
    Clara Bellino 4 years ago

    So grateful for how Neora rises to the occasion whatever the landscape may be! Been part of this amazing company close to 7 years, and yes! I would love to be running up to my friends in St.Louis, Dallas, Nashville, San Antonio, Las Vegas, San Jose, and giving each one of you a Big Hug. That’s something I miss Big Time right now. But! And! So grateful to be partnered with you all where you not only make it possible that we still gather, we keep moving forward! One day we will be in the same physical room again. In the meantime, how lucky are we to be with a company that gives us all we need to move forward regardless, while supporting each other!? Happy 2020 Conference !

  • Excited to be able to tune in all the way from down under! 🇦🇺💚💛💚🇦🇺

  • Avatar
    Donna Cleal 4 years ago

    Whoop, whoop. . . so excited my first Get Real conference. . .I cant wait <3
    I started in the Business in April 2020, and Im absolutely loving it. . . Thank You Neora

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