Have You Heard? Neora Has One of the Coolest On-Trend Ingestible Beauty Products Around!

July 16, 2018  Neora™ Avatar
Have You Heard? Neora Has One of the Coolest On-Trend Ingestible Beauty Products Around!

Neora is thrilled to announce that our breakthrough ProlisticTM Pre & Probiotic Plus Vitamins received a shout-out in one of the world’s most trusted fashion and beauty sources: WWD Beauty Inc.!

Beauty Inc.’s special edition, Innovation Issue, reveals top picks in four categories of the supplement sector – women’s health, adaptogens, probiotics, and travel size. We are elated to discover that Prolistic Probiotic Powder has been included in the probiotics category as a product infused with Vitamin C to give the “quick-dissolving powder” an immune-supporting boost.*

Good Skin Begins In The Gut

Neora Co-Founder and CMO Amber Olson Rourke points out that Prolistic Probiotic Powder contains both probiotic strains and prebiotics, which work synergistically to help support good digestive function and enhance levels of beneficial bacteria in your digestive system.* Both your gut and your skin are comprised of trillions of bacteria, which makes up the microbiome. In a healthy microbiome, there are more beneficial bacteria than bad bacteria. A healthy microbiome supports good digestion and maximizes the benefits of a healthy diet by supporting absorption of nutrients.*

Neora’s Probiotic Powder provides probiotics and essential vitamins to help support overall immune system function, ease digestion, and optimize the health of the digestive system.* All you have to do is pour Probiotic Powder onto your tongue and allow the powder to dissolve. Just one packet daily can provide a multitude of benefits! For optimal results, use in conjunction with our Prolistic Skin-Balancing Lotion with Probiotic Technology.

If you haven’t already, order Neora’s ProlisticTM Pre & Probiotic Plus Vitamins online today. What’s stopping you?


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