Traveling with NeoraFit

August 24, 2021  Sarah Lam Avatar
Traveling with NeoraFit

More often than not, we return home from a vacation feeling like we need another vacation. I’ve traveled extensively throughout the years and have found that keeping the same everyday routine while traveling helps keep me grounded and be better with time management. These days, I proactively plan to have minimal differences between everyday life and travel. On my last 3 week long trip to LA in May, I packed the NeoraFit system with me.

Sarah Lam with NeoraFit

I appreciated that the NeoraFit system is comprehensive and considers all parts of the day. Their products are also individually wrapped and proportioned out, so it was convenient to pack and take them with me on the go. When I travel, I try to keep the following three things below consistent and this is how NeoraFit helped me:


Exercise is a large part of my daily life. It is the one hour that I give to myself to thank my body for all that it does. When I travel, I look for housing accommodations that either have a gym, are close to a gym, or plan outdoor activities like hiking. I take supplements before working out and NeoraFit’s Block + Balance Pre & Probiotic is part of my routine. I carry a water bottle with me at all times, so I mix one stick into my water and drink it throughout my workout.

Morning and Night

Waking up and going to bed around the same time as much as possible is key for me. It’s easy to get caught up in the magic of a new city and stay out late, but try to get as many hours of sleep as you can to stay energized and feeling well-rested. In the morning, I keep my routine of 10 minutes of meditation, journaling, taking multivitamins, and mixing NeoraFit Slim + Skin Collagen Powder into my coffee. Collagen powder is great for the skin, especially as skin can get dry when you travel or in a different climate. The powder dissolves easily and is tasteless. Most mornings, I drop a powder stick in my pocket or purse and head to a nearby coffee shop where I mix the collagen powder into a tasty latte.

Gut health has been a large area of focus in wellness in recent years. NeoraFit’s Cleanse + Calm Nightly Gentle Cleanse helps balance your GI tract and helps the body flush out toxins. When I travel, I like to pack caffeine-free bedtime tea with me. I like to wind down at least half an hour before bed with minimal screen time (on my phone or tv) and sip something soothing. I mix the Cleanse + Calm into my tea for a little bit of extra relaxation.


I love exploring local foods and all that a new city has to offer – sometimes I even plan my trips around food! It’s important to remember everything is about balance. I let myself indulge, but I pay attention to how my body is responding. I am extra careful to not upset my stomach by having too much of one thing (fried foods, fatty foods, or any food that is outside of my normal eating habits) so it doesn’t shock my body. I make sure to eat a healthy breakfast and not overeat. Try to plan to cook a few of your meals or eat at restaurants that can accommodate your dietary restrictions or preferences.

Cheers to making small adjustments to your travel so you can relax, decompress, and fully be present on your vacation!

Sarah Lam

Sarah Lam

Sarah is a fitness and wellness content creator based in Seattle. Her daily mission is to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle and incorporate different forms of movement into everyday life. Through her own fitness journey, she has learned that small consistent changes add up to living a sustainable lifestyle. Outside of fitness, she is a finance professional, watercolor artist, and an avid traveler.


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