20-Minute Legs and Core Workout featuring Adriana Lee

December 21, 2021  Adriana Lee Avatar
20-Minute Legs and Core Workout featuring Adriana Lee

Lengthen & Strengthen Your Lower Body with Adriana!

NeoraFit Ambassador Adriana Lee has designed the perfect workout to stretch and tone your legs and core in only 20 minutes. Giving a yogic spin to traditional moves like lunges, squats, and pushups, this workout will strengthen and lengthen your legs and abs for a firm core in no time. A stronger core and legs means better posture and less problems with your back and neck that are typical of sitting at your desk or being on your laptop all day; it also provides you with better balance and increased stability, reducing your risk of injury so you don’t have to put your fitness program on hold while you heal.   



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    Beth Eldridge 3 years ago

    On my way to a new body. Very easy to follow. Need this one on one.

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    April Waldron 3 years ago

    Love the tips!

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