Intelligent Skincare Has Arrived

March 5, 2018  Neora™ Avatar
Intelligent Skincare Has Arrived

Inspired by our European launch in 2017, Neora has worked with scientists and formulators across the world to bring you our exclusive, proprietary Age IQ™ Night Cream. With its advanced formula, Night Cream works to protect against and remove one of skin’s worst, modern-day enemies – urban stressors – while you’re sleeping. The result is a brighter, more rested and refreshed-looking complexion when you wake!

As if waking up to a younger, healthier-looking reflection isn’t exciting enough, Neora has also developed the perfect companion to Night Cream: Age IQ™ Day Cream. Using Neora’s well-known, power-packed Optimera™ Day Cream formula, Age IQ Day Cream’s elegant texture and antioxidant-packed formula continue to make it a best-seller and fan favorite.

Raise Your Age IQ

Age IQ Night Cream’s exclusive and advanced formula includes our proprietary TC3-Armor™ ingredient, which works to protect against and remove urban stressors to keep your skin in a healthy-looking state. Our proprietary SIG-1273® molecule which acts as an antioxidant and skin protectant helps to boost skin’s ability to combat the oxidative stress that can lead to fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, this effective formula includes Neora’s exclusive SAL-14TM blend that works to address discoloration and other signs of aging. In independently conducted clinical trials:

The Intelligent Way to Fight Aging All Day Long

Fight aging all day long with our lightweight, sheer, hydrating Age IQ Day Cream formula. Specifically created for daytime use, and the perfect complement to Age IQ Night Cream, this formula features our proprietary SIG-1273® molecule, which helps fight the signs of aging, and SAL-14TM blend, which helps address existing damage and adds moisture to the skin.

Transform tired-looking skin by reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, and enlarged pores. Packed with effective, multifunctional ingredients, our Age IQ Night Cream and Age IQ Day Cream combat aging around the clock. Additionally, these two top performers work in synergy to target many different signs of aging at once. In independently conducted clinical trials:

The result? Men and women of all ages are falling in love with their skin! Don’t accept average results when it comes to your skincare. Make the smart choice with Age IQ Night Cream and Age IQ Day Cream.

*Neora’s smartest Night and Day Creams ever will soon be available in Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Colombia and Mexico.



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    ZORAIDA MURCIA 6 years ago

    las crema dia y noche a como son

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    Shelley Ryan 6 years ago

    How is Niight IQ different than the NigthAD formula?

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