An Opportunity You Can Fall In Love With

February 27, 2018  Neora™ Avatar
An Opportunity You Can Fall In Love With

As winter gives way to spring, it’s almost time for the beach, bikinis, and sunbathing. However, as the most faithful sun-lovers know, too much exposure can damage your skin – leaving it feeling dry and rough. Many of Neora’s products are designed to target the signs and causes of aging. Now imagine the chance to win up to $3000 by entering Neora’s 90-Day Challenge just by trying Neora products. Cindy Schrader, our 2nd place winner from the second quarter of 2017, won $1000 and here’s her story.

Give It a Thorough Try

As an avid boater and sunbather, Cindy wanted a product to address the appearance of discoloration and lines around her eyes and neck. One of Cindy’s Facebook friends introduced her to Neora products in 2012, but it would be a year later before she gave the product a thorough try. “In August 2013, my husband Rich and I attended a local party and I ordered a bottle of the Night Cream from my friend and was absolutely blown away with my three-week results,” Cindy shared. “I was so surprised that a single product could address multiple signs of aging in one simple step.”

When it came to the 90-Day Challenge entry, Cindy mentioned that there wasn’t a need for a strategy to get votes from friends because her results speak for themselves. “I think many people recognized my results because my pictures have gone viral on the internet over these past few years.” Now having tried all the Neora products, Cindy’s favorites are Night and Day Cream and EHT. And just what did Cindy do what the $1000 cash prize? “It definitely helped with the bills,” she said.

Refreshed Appearance to a New Experience

Cindy was so impressed by her results that she decided to take things one step further and become a Brand Partner. “My husband Rich really was my reason for giving the product a good, solid try. He was very excited about the opportunity with an already thriving company,” she shared. “He saw the bigger picture. When the products delivered real results, we were sold!”

Now along with enjoying the products, Cindy believes the Neora culture among Brand Partners has made a big difference in her life. “Being around the most positive, caring, influential people and friends can make you a better person, too.  My husband paid me a huge compliment shortly after joining Neora. He said, ‘You have grown so much as a person and a leader, I’m so proud of you!’”

Whether you’re just looking to improve your skin’s appearance after years of sun damage or also considering a personal business outlet, Neora can provide an opportunity that you could literally fall in love with. See more real results with all Neora’s skincare products at Then, submit your pictures (before and after using Neora products) for the chance to win with better-looking skin!

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    Lisa Theoharides 4 years ago

    Congratulations to Cindy!! I was so excited to win $1000 myself in the latest #90daychallenge!! It’s true.. just give it a try!!

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