The Power of NeoraFit New Plant-Based Protein Powder

February 1, 2022  Neora™ Avatar
The Power of NeoraFit New Plant-Based Protein Powder

Protein is a Macro

Enter NeoraFit™ Plant-Based Protein Powder. With 20 grams of protein, 120 calories, and just 4 grams of carbs, NeoraFit Protein Powder keeps you feeling fuller for longer, after meals and throughout the day, all while keeping your calorie and carb count low. 

Protein is an important macronutrient for weight loss and muscle building and repair, but with easier carb options for quick breakfasts like cereal and milk or handy instant oatmeal packets, it can often get sidelined. Protein powder provides a convenient way to get more protein into your diet than other protein sources out there. Beef, chicken, or fish need to be thawed, marinated, cooked, and then eaten on a table with a fork and knife. Eggs need to be whipped, beaten, fried up in a pan, taking up precious time in the morning and leaving a mess to clean up. With protein powder, at the very minimum, you only need a shaker and some water to get in your most important macro—first thing in the day.

Protein powder is a fool-proof, no brainer way to get your protein in for the day, every day. When the morning routine going gets tough, just grab your NeoraFit New Plant-Based Protein Powder, a blender and some water or almond milk, and you’re good to go. When the going gets tougher, grab your NeoraFit Protein Powder, some water, and a shaker n’ go.

Protein Curbs Hunger

Protein shakes may curb your appetite and decrease hunger due to the release of two different hormones that help keep you satisfied, GLP-1 and P&7.i And then there is the favorite study where subjects who ate two eggs for breakfast stayed fuller longer than people who ate a bagel; both meals contained the same calorie content, but the egg breakfast was significantly higher in protein than the bagel breakfast.ii In both cases, you can see how ingesting protein in the morning will help keep you fuller for longer and reduce your overall daily calorie intake, which will help you lose weight over time. 

Plant-based Protein  

NeoraFit Protein Powder is formulated with protein from a variety of high-quality plant-based sources. It contains all of the essential amino acids, as well as calcium, iron, zinc, and magnesium, to help keep you humming all day long. Whether you want a healthy, on-the-go answer to getting more protein and nutrients in, or you’re looking for a reliable solution to curbing cravings and losing some weight, our new protein powder covers all your bases. 

Protein & Your Metabolism 

Since protein helps to build and retain muscle mass, research suggests that a higher intake of protein could prevent muscle loss and thereby keep up your metabolic rate. As we age, we naturally lose muscle mass, and since the more muscle we have, the higher our metabolism is, eating more protein ensures your metabolic rate is maximized and your weight loss or weight maintenance is optimal.

Have it for breakfast, and Neora’s New Plant-Based Protein Powder will provide you with the 20 grams of the protein macronutrient you need, curb your hunger for longer than most other breakfast options – especially the more convenient ones, flood your body with the micronutrients you need, and will help you to retain the precious muscle you worked so hard for at the gym, and therefore keep your metabolism humming at optimal speed. In a delicious vanilla flavor and easy to blend or add to smoothies, or pancakes (check out our recipes here!), try NeoraFit Plant-Based Protein Powder for a month and we’re sure you will make a friend for life!



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    Lisa Theoharides 2 years ago

    I am sooo excited to start experimenting and creating recipes with this!! It is really awesome to have a plant based protein that satiates you and does not bother your tummy!! Not too mention that it is also GF, DF, & Vegan !! Thank you so much!

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