This Summer, Protect Your Skin With Neora’s Sunscreen

May 24, 2021  Neora™ Avatar
This Summer, Protect Your Skin With Neora’s Sunscreen

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month and it’s always a good reminder that we need to think about the dangers that ultraviolet rays and environmental stressors can cause. More than 5 million Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer every year, yet it is one of the most preventable diseases if we just take a few extra precautions. Just like wearing the right sunglasses to protect our eyes, using the right sunscreen with the correct sun protection factor (SPF) will help shield the damage from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays—so we can keep soaking up all that fun in the sun that makes summer great.

No Mess, No Stress

Neora’s Age IQ® Invisi-Bloc™ Sunscreen Gel, Broad Spectrum SPF 40 not only protects your face and neck from the sun, but also helps prevent premature aging from blue light damage that emits from our ever-present digital devices and other urban pollutants. Using our proprietary Eco-Veil™ blend, it acts like the skin’s natural barrier that provides a powerful, transparent layer of protection while the antioxidant complex enriches, soothes and calms the skin. Its patented formula features lightweight capsules of SPF actives that absorb into your skin instantly leaving you with a smooth finish minus that greasy feeling from other cream-based sunscreens.

Forever Young

Everyone loves to play outdoors, but too much sun exposure without the right protection can accelerate the aging of the skin leading to sagginess, dryness and wrinkles. Using the best ingredients from science and nature, this clear sunscreen water gel features aloe barbadensis leaf extract, a highly emollient ingredient that is a well-known source of moisture and hydration and is packed with vitamins and essential oils that will keep your skin looking great this summer. Just use a few pumps of our intelligent sunscreen applied for any part of your skin that is exposed to light and can be reapplied every two hours.

Last Line of Defense

Invisi-Bloc SPF 40 is perfect to use on your face, neck and ear areas for constant anti-aging protection. Since it can be applied over your Age IQ® Day Cream, it is just another addition and the last step to your daily skincare regimen before you put on your makeup. Non-comedogenic and dermatologist tested, the multifunctional Invisi-Bloc SPF 40 is great for women and men of any age and is free of parabens, synthetic colorants, gluten and GMOs.

How Do I Get It?

Don’t get burned this summer by not having Neora’s Age IQ Invisi-Bloc SPF 40 in your daily skincare lineup. If you become a SmartShopper today by signing up for our SmartShop subscription, you can save up 25% off the retail price on your next order as well as other exclusive Neora rewards.



  • Avatar
    suzanne goldberg 3 years ago

    as a swim instructor who teaches outdoors, this product has been a game-changer for my skin

  • Avatar
    Geralyn 3 years ago

    As a woman who lives in both sunny San Diego and the sunny side of Poipu I was THRILLED we came out with this product!! THANKS NEORA!

  • Avatar
    Sonia Dee 3 years ago

    I absolutely love this sunscreen. It is so light and non greasy. What a treat!

  • Avatar
    Lisa Theoharides 3 years ago

    Absolutely LOVE this sunblock!! I am a waterskiier and live on a lake….apply it once in the am before I head outside!! It is a summer must and does not sting or burn your eyes!!

  • Avatar
    Elaine White 3 years ago

    I love how light this is!!

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