What is a HIIT Workout?

May 12, 2021  Adriana Lee Avatar
What is a HIIT Workout?

Getting in a daily workout can be tough — that’s why it’s important to get the most out of your workouts when you can squeeze them in!

HIIT — or High Intensity Interval Training — helps you do just that! HIIT workouts help you to optimize your workout time to get in bursts of heart pumping cardio with active recovery or rest in between sets. This is nothing new – runners have used HIIT by sprinting for short periods of time and jogging to get their heart rate back down.

Science has proven that these HIIT workouts are efficient at burning calories, and these workouts have grown in popularity over the past decade.

Benefits of HIIT

High-intensity interval training has been shown to pack a punch when it comes to burning a lot of calories in a shorter amount of time. But its biggest benefit is heart health. 

HIIT Can Burn a Lot of Calories in a Short Amount of Time.

  • Research has shown that HIIT burns more calories (25-30%!) compared to cardio or weight training. That’s good news for busy people! If you don’t have a lot of time for a workout, HIIT is an effective way to burn more calories faster. 

HIIT Improves Metabolism

  • HIIT actually increases your metabolism so that you burn more calories after your workout. Even a short HIIT workout increases your metabolic rate hours after your workout. 

Helps You Burn Fat

  • Many studies on HIIT training have shown that even a short workout a few times a week helped participants lose a significant amount of body fat. 

HIIT Can Help You Gain Muscle Mass

  • While traditional weight training is still the most effective way to gain muscle mass, HIIT can help you build muscle mass especially in the legs and core. 

HIIT Can Improve Oxygen Consumption

  • Oxygen consumption refers to your muscle’s ability to use oxygen. Studies have found that HIIT improves your muscle’s oxygen consumption in a much shorter amount of time other than other cardio activities such as running.

HIIT Improves Blood Pressure & Heart Health

  • Studies have shown that HIIT can help lower blood pressure in those with high blood pressure.

Blood Sugar Can Be Reduced by HIIT

  • HIIT can help reduce blood pressure and improve insulin resistance. Studies have shown that HIIT is even more effective at improving blood sugar and insulin resistance than a continuous workout.

Another benefit of a HIIT workout is that it can be done just about anywhere, with no equipment needed. Whether you choose to sprint for 30 seconds and jog for 10, or incorporate  other types of exercises in your workouts, like burpees, the effects are impactful. 

What Makes a HIIT Workout a HIIT Workout?

High-Intensity Interval Training should look like bursts of 80% of your max capacity, followed by a shorter period of time in active recovery or rest.

Active recovery can look like a squat hold or plank hold, or a slower, less intense exercise like air squats. These recovery periods help you to get your heart rate back down so you’re ready for the next interval. 

No Equipment HIIT Workout

Try this HIIT workout at home or outdoors! No equipment needed — just a mat for comfort, if you’d like! Make sure to warm up with some stretches beforehand.

Do 30-45 seconds of each exercise with 15 seconds of rest in between sets. Repeat the circuit three times.

High Knees Active Recovery: Air Squats
Push Ups Active Recovery: Goddess Squat Hold
Burpees Active Recovery: Downdog
Sit Ups Active Recovery: Bridge Hold
Jumping Jacks Active Recovery: Plank Hold
Mountain Climbers Active Recovery: Rest

Adding interval training to your workouts has many benefits. There’s a reason they’ve grown in popularity. Try gradually adding in some HIIT workouts to your fitness routine and measure your progress!

Adriana Lee

Adriana Lee

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