“C” the Difference with IllumaBoost

August 14, 2020  Neora™ Avatar
“C” the Difference with IllumaBoost
Neora's IllumaBoost surrounded by citrus fruit.

“C” the Difference with IllumaBoost

It’s no secret that vitamin C has long-been lauded for its amazing health benefits, but its powerful antioxidant properties can also help our skin fight premature aging and brighten the appearance of dark spots.

Many serums and skin boosters on the market containing vitamin C tout the antioxidant’s amazing results. What they often fail to mention, however, is that vitamin C is highly sensitive to air and light, and if it isn’t packaged or used properly, you won’t be able to experience its full effects.

Activate to Radiate

With a blend of state-of-the-art science and innovative packaging, Neora’s IllumaBoost® Brightening & Shield steps up where other products don’t by keeping the vitamin C compartmentalized away from light and other harmful pollutants until the exact moment it is needed.

Vitamin C is most effective when it is fresh, but it can’t be the superhero on its own. It needs to interact with other powerful ingredients to bring out its full age-fighting powers. With just one pump, the unique dual chamber inside the IllumaBoost bottle activates the vitamin C and niacinamide (an ingredient that helps even skin tone) to blend with the rest of Neora’s proprietary PhytoLumina complex formula, helping to brighten, hydrate and shield your skin. Board-certified Dermatologic Surgeon Dendy Engelman, MD, says, “Neora has developed a very clever way to preserve the activity and potency of vitamin C, which sets it apart from other formulas.”

A Winning Skincare Lineup

Over time, your skin starts to dull from the everyday wear and tear of life. Poor diets, overexposure to environmental stressors and a lack of exfoliation all contribute to the aging of skin. IllumaBoost, with the help of vitamin C, fights back against the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, pregnancy “mask,” dry skin and uneven skin tone on its own, but when combined with Neora’s revolutionary skincare lineup, its effectiveness can be amplified. Just add one to two pumps of this brilliant booster to your Age IQ® Night and Day Creams or Age IQ® Invisi-Bloc® Sunscreen Gel for amazing age-defying results and protection. Ideal for all skin types, IllumaBoost’s thin texture allows the product to immediately soak into your skin with no sticky or tacky residue to attack multiple problems at once. The combination of hydrating ingredients, including hydrolized sodium hyaluronate, also work to help plump and moisturize the skin. Much like most of Neora’s products, IllumaBoost is multifunctional, so you won’t need to waste hundreds of dollars on multiple boosters, serums, moisturizers and brighteners.

The Transformative Power of IllumaBoost Serum With Vitamin C +

As one of Neora’s most sought-after products in anti-aging, IllumaBoost’s science-backed ingredients brighten the skin’s appearance, shield the skin from environmental stressors and urban pollution, and help plump and moisturize. In an independently conducted consumer study, 74% of participants reported their skin looked rejuvenated, 73% of participants reported an improvement in the appearance of skin texture and 71% of participants reported their skin’s natural glow was restored.

This breakthrough product is gentle enough for everyday use, but should be used within 15 days of the first pump for optimal benefits and freshness — that’s why each package includes two bottles for the full 30-day supply. There are certainly easier ways to package Vitamin C, but Neora ensures the efficacy is optimum for optimum results. Why is this important? With other products, it’s hard to know if or how long they’ve been sitting around on the shelves allowing for the serum’s efficacy to break down.

Enhance your skincare routine with Neora’s IllumaBoost Brightening & Shield skin booster packed with age-defying ingredients for a flatteringly soft and full appearance, so you can look your best at any age.



  • Avatar
    Danielle Hudak 4 years ago

    It really helps! I have seen it with my own eyes with my skin! Great addition to any skincare but I love it with Age IQ night and Day cream.

    • I use this product everyday! I love it!

    • Avatar
      Dinorah 4 years ago

      I really love the tone and bright on my skin using this

  • Avatar
    Lisa Theoharides 4 years ago

    The Illumaboost is a family favorite!!! Especially Now we love getting a boost of Vit C !!

  • Avatar
    Lisa Theoharides 4 years ago

    The Illumaboost is a family favorite!!! Especially Now we love getting an extra boost of Vit C !!

  • Avatar
    mary chieppor 4 years ago

    I love this product!

  • Avatar
    Nat Ego 4 years ago

    This illumaboost has given my skin such a glow that people ask me everywhere I go!

  • Avatar
    Craig 4 years ago

    One of my favorite products!

  • Avatar
    Geralyn Schulkind 4 years ago

    Leaves skin so healthy!

  • Avatar
    Elaine White 4 years ago

    Love this/ it’s like a magic eraser!!

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