Neora’s ProLuxe Hair Care System: The Perfect Solution to Gorgeous Hair

July 29, 2020  Neora™ Avatar
Neora’s ProLuxe Hair Care System: The Perfect Solution to Gorgeous Hair
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Finally, Hair Care That is Truly for All Types of Hair and People — the Way it Should be!

After years of research and development, Neora’s revolutionary new four-piece ProLuxe™ Hair Care System features intuitive daily- and weekly-use products that contain exclusive ingredients that work for every gender, ethnicity, hair type and hair color. Yes, you read that right!

Stressful habits such as straightening, curling, coloring, relaxing and highlighting can take their toll on your hair, especially over time. ProLuxe revitalizes your hair by addressing almost every sign of damage and aging, helping to re-bond and strengthen each hair strand while improving its radiance and shine, smoothness and volume. It even addresses greying and whitening by working to restore your hair’s natural pigment. Again, you read that right. What science tells us is that healthy hair literally starts at the root and that root, along with hair growth, should be nurtured for hair’s optimum health level. Makes sense, right? ProLuxe works at the follicular level to cleanse the buildup that inhibits your hair from achieving the appearance you’ve always wanted.

Like Neora’s entire line of transformative anti-aging skincare products, each ProLuxe product has many multifunctional and efficacious ingredients, including proprietary ingredients such as IntuiTress™ and IntelliGrey,™ that are simply not found in other products.

IntuiTress Complex is an exclusive blend of peptides, baobab tree seed extract and sea buckthorn oil, which nourish hair while addressing hair strength, damage recovery and UV irritation. While IntelliGrey is exactly what it sounds like, ingredients that help to maintain your natural hair color. But just in case you’re like many of us that like to color enhance what you’ve been given, the ProLuxe Hair Care System is safe for use on color-treated hair.

Anti-Aging Shampoo and Conditioner System From the “Tree of Life”

Baobab Tree Seed Extract is a botanical source from Africa known as the “tree of life.” This 5-in-1 anti-aging protectant strengthens, nourishes, conditions and recovers damage that hair experiences over time from environmental stressors or the everyday stressors we subject it to in the pursuit of a good hair day. This extract shields the hair from harsh climates, allowing for greater manageability as it instantly conditions for a softer and smoother feel. Studies on conducted on African, Brazilian and Caucasian hair all showed positive results in strengthening and elasticity, relaxing and nourishing and conditioning.

Baobab Tree Seed Extract is an all-natural and sustainable alternative to anti-frizz agent dimethicone that provides comparable results to softness, smoothness, shine and detangling in black hair. Dimethicone is a water-soluble silicone that is used in many shampoos and conditioners for extra shine, but that can leave extra buildup in the hair and be hard to wash out. Baobab Tree Seed Extract is a non-paraben and non-formaldehyde substance that can provide all of the same benefits without the buildup.

It took years to develop ProLuxe because Neora always chooses natural ingredients over potentially harmful ones in its clean, holistic formulas.

Coconut Oil is saturated fatty acid that has been shown to help remove sebum buildup from hair follicles and help make hair softer and smoother. It also helps regrow and strengthen dry, non-humid hair. It’s also highly emollient, which means it soothes and locks in moisture.

Coconut oil is a popular and frequently used hair oil around the world because it helps keep the hair strong, nourished and protected from the effects of premature aging. It’s loaded with vitamin E which also helps keep skin and hair healthy and strong.

Coconut oil benefits Black hair by blocking outside elements that dry out hair, locking in natural moisture that reinforces the hair fiber, making it stronger. Many women of color were surprised to learn that moisturization actually needed to happen at the level of saturation while washing, rather than added after drying. Once the hair cuticle is closed after conditioning, there is little actual restorative benefit derived from adding oils, other than masking dryness. As a result, that buildup from the product or oil is actually counteractive to the moisturization they are actually trying to achieve.

Coconut oil was the only oil found to reduce the protein loss remarkably for both undamaged and damaged hair when used as a pre-wash and post-wash grooming product. Healthy benefits to coconut oil: helps prevent hair damage, retains natural color, has a cooling effect on hair, retains natural moisture, and revitalizes dry hair.

ProLuxe Hair Care is Pro-Savings

The ProLuxe Hair Care System is the most cost-effective treatment for revitalizing your hair from root to tip. This lineup of professional-level and groundbreaking products works synergistically using our patented Age IQ technology to seek out and repair damaged hair, helping you restore your healthy, youthful-looking shine, strength, body, bounce and manageability.

According to a 2018 Nielsen report on multicultural consumer spending, people of color spend nine times more on hair and beauty aids compared to the general market in the U.S. Because the ProLuxe Hair Care System contains multifunctioning proprietary formulas, you’ll never have to waste hundreds of dollars each month on extra products that you don’t need, including detanglers, moisturizers, hydrating conditioners, leave-in conditioners, deep treatment masques, relaxers, taming creams, climate control gels, volumizers, curl enhancers, oils, repair creams and so on.

No matter what your “why” or “whys” are for wanting better hair, ProLuxe doesn’t address just one concern, either. So feel free to have all the “whys” you want, as long as the results are beyond what you’d ever thought possible!



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    Cindy Marmarinos 4 years ago

    I just purchased this item and I am so excited to see the results. I was very impressed with the founders and doctors who took time out to explain how these products work and what I’d be benefiting in using them every day.

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    Geralyn Schulkind 4 years ago

    Love these products. They make my hair so smooth. I now have wake and wear hair!

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    Mary-Beth Owen 4 years ago

    These products are so innovative! The scalp treatment has restored the original pigment to my grey hair!

  • Avatar
    Danielle Hudak 4 years ago

    Worth Every Penny!

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