Don’t Let Fear Stand in the Way of Your Potential

February 23, 2021  Neora™ Avatar
Don’t Let Fear Stand in the Way of Your Potential

Making the jump to start your own business can be intimidating. You may feel like you want to make a change in your life and the opportunity sounds great, but then you get a case of the “What Ifs”: ‘What if I don’t know what I am doing?’, ‘What if I lose friends?’, ‘What if no one believes in me?’, ‘What if I fail.’  You may not realize it, but it takes real courage to fail because you are just once step closer to reaching your goals. If you are new to Neora or thinking about starting a new Neora business, it’s important to know that some of our most successful Platinum National Marketing Directors had the very same fears that you may be feeling now. Here are a few examples of their fears and the steps they took to overcome their barriers to find real success with Neora.

Turn on Your Open Sign

When Shalon Murphy joined Neora, she was new to relationship marketing and did not know what to expect. Her number one fear was posting anything about her business on her social media accounts. She felt that if she did, she would be vulnerable to judgement and may lose friends. When Shalon finally built up the courage to post about her business online, she realized that those very same friends were not only interested in Neora’s products, but also wanted to do business with her. “If I want people to purchase from me, I am going to need to let them know what I am selling,” she says. “It was a really good lesson for me to realize that I need to get over myself.” There will be people who will buy from you and there will people who won’t, but no one will buy anything from you if they don’t know you are in business. When she changed her mindset to think that she wasn’t asking people to do anything for her, but she was just sharing her honest positive experiences with Neora, her fears of being a burden to others went away.

Switch the Negatives Into Positives

At one time in her life, Leslie Hocker was an introverted and very shy person. Speaking in front of people was frightening to her. How would she be able to sell anything if she couldn’t communicate to her customers? After working with personal development leader Tony Robbins, she learned that the feeling of being nervous is the same feeling of being excited. She replaced the negative feelings she had about her fears with positive associations. This keeps her motivated to make more calls, send more samples and help more people. “We all have those stories we tell ourselves,” she says about ruminating on negative thoughts. “You have to get out of your own head and just have fun.” Leslie and her husband Ron have been doing just that with their business since 2011. She also builds confidence by creating more positive energy in her life , such as standing in a superman pose, reading affirmations, creating vision boards and being grateful. Leslie recommends creating a vision statement for yourself and reading it daily to help you stay the course.

Be Here in a Year

Aana Camp had a lot of fear starting her Neora journey. She had tried two other network marketing companies before with little to no success. Having already contacted her network of family and friends with the previous two companies, she feared no one would believe in her again with a new business venture. “My biggest fear is what are people going to think of me?’” she says. Her reputation was on the line if she was a three-time failure. She found inspiration from a quote by Neora Founder and CEO Jeff Olson: “I used to care what people thought until I tried to pay my bills with their thoughts.” That quote became her personal mantra and her resilience kicked in as she put in the work.  Her tip for overcoming her fear of prospecting new business is that any time she felt any doubt contacting a customer, she would do it quickly and get it done. She hated those feelings of fear, so she worked as fast and as hard as she could to give herself a distraction. Her actions allowed her to work through her obstacles because she wasn’t going to be the reason she didn’t succeed.

Take a Leap of Faith on Yourself

Steve Lee started with Neora after enjoying a successful career with another network marketing company. When he became a Brand Partner, Neora only had one product. He had been a fan of Jeff Olson for many years, but he kept doubting himself as a male selling skincare for a company that only has one product? It was the fear of the unknown that gave him trepidation. “Fear happens to everyone,” Steve says. “Acknowledge that it is there and just get busy, so you have no time to worry about it.” As Neora Founder and CEO Jeff Olson says in his popular book, The Slight Edge, “Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.” Once we realize and remedy the problems keeping us from success, we immediately see our productivity increase. Steve advises being patient with yourself and not to strive for perfection, rather focus on progress instead. According to Steven, if you want to have success in any business, draw up a game plan, stick to it and make it a habit.

Something to Believe In

Jennifer Givens was worried about the integrity of what she was selling because she was concerned about wasting people’s time if the products didn’t work. Working as a full-time nurse and mom, she knew the precious nature of people’s time. She overcame those fears by becoming a product of the product. “There is no better way to build belief in the product then using the product yourself,” she says. She made the decision to do her due diligence on Neora’s products and business opportunity by using the products, watching product videos and completing the trainings to build the confidence that she was selling quality not just quantity. Whether it’s sending out samples to a new Preferred Customer or training a Brand Partner, Jennifer wants to be sure that her actions have value and will really help the people she serves. Her confidence in Neora quells her fears and allows her to find success in her business.

Most of the time we aren’t even aware of the emotional barriers that hold us back. But when finally figure out that the emotional hesitations are all in your head and you truly believe in yourself, then you can really achieve. It’s OK to feel fear in the moment, but it’s the actions you take next that really affects the outcome. What you do every day matters and success will come from the daily positive habits that contribute to making your business thrive.


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    Mary Beth Jaeger 3 years ago

    Fear definitely can be the the thing that can block your success! When I have a “fear thought” jump into my head, I count to 5…. Immediately get up and to do exactly what my fear was trying to tell me not to! 😉
    We can overcome our fears by recognizing them, and choosing a better thought, until your in the place on thought that shows you possiblity.
    Great Article!
    Mary Beth

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