Journaling for Self-Care

February 23, 2021  Brittany Giles Avatar
Journaling for Self-Care

Self-care is a word that finds itself at the forefront of many conversations. Surprisingly despite the term’s continuous growth and popularity, it remains to have a varying definition depending on the person and the scope of discussion. This past year has found many of us digging deep in self-discovery, and one tool that can aid in that is developing a journaling practice that serves your needs and allows you to better learn yourself.

I know this because I have lived this. As a wellness creative, I continuously find myself in a place of transformation and using various modalities to ultimately heal the parts of myself that I allowed busyness to hideaway. I was basically putting a band-aide on my growth with trips, brunches, and Instagram-worthy pics. It wasn’t until I decided that I wanted to face myself and dig deep utilizing journaling, that I was able to identify my triggers and, indeed, be whole. So let’s dive into three tips to help you start a successful journaling practice and 10 prompts to get you started.

  1. Commit To A Daily Practice: The hardest part is just starting. Many people will tell you to set aside 30 minutes every morning or an hour before bed, but I say do what resonates with you, but make sure you do it every day. I do not care if it is a five-minute brain dump; make sure that you are committed to leaving it all on the paper DAILY.
  2. Release Judgment And Give yourself Grace: You must understand that your journal is your safe place, and until we get honest with ourselves, we can’t expect to grow. It is not so much when we journal, but what you are journaling about will ultimately make all of the difference.
  3. It Is Not That Deep: Every day won’t be tear-jerking sessions filled with huge revelations, and that is ok. Some days will look like you just brain-dumping random thoughts to get them out of your head; somedays may be creating some intentions for the next day. Meet yourself where you are at.

Some Prompts To Get You Started

  1. Describe a time in your life that you felt was the most difficult? How did you overcome it? What was most helpful for you? Who supported you during this time? What did you learn about yourself?
  2. What is your best quality or trait? What is your most undesirable quality or characteristic? How can you transition your undesirable trait and use it for your good?
  3. What are your top 3 goals/dreams in life? What does success mean to you, and what is it based on (power, money, status)?
  4. What inspires you to want and do better in your life? What’s one area you need to work on or improve to align yourself with your vision for your life?
  5. I make myself these 10 promises …
  6. An old friend introduced me to this exercise, and it is focused on your “Greatest Day.” I want you to write down your ideal day. Who do you want to be with? What do you want to feel? What do you want to do? A simple one-pager. No detail too big or too small, but you have to leave your heart on the paper for this one. Transparency is key. The challenge that goes with this is to read this aloud EVERY morning. Manifest the life you want.
  7. If I had to name one emotion that seems to live deep in my core, it would be? How long have I felt this emotion? Where could it have come from? When I think of this emotion and time of my life, what is my biggest fear?
  8. What do I believe I am? What could I begin to do to soften and love this scared part of me? What activities bring me a deep sense of inner calm?
  9. Is there anything I need to let go of that I’ve been trying to hold on to? Why am I so scared of releasing this? What does this potential loss trigger in me?
  10. What is my soul calling out for right now? What do I really need in this moment of my life?
Brittany Giles

Brittany Giles

NeoraFit™ Ambassador Brittany Giles began her mission to share her fitness journey with the world three years ago. That journey drastically changed the way she viewed fitness. Fun workouts, her favorite fitness events, and nutrition tips are the foundation of FitXBrit, while she also focuses on the mind viewing “fitness” from a mental and spiritual aspect as well. Brittany believes “our bodies are easy to train and it just takes focus and commitment; however, our mindset can be a bit more challenging when we are looking at overall health.” Ultimately, Brittany’s goal is to share all of herself: the educator, fitness and nutrition enthusiast, the mom, and the woman on a journey to achieve peace.

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