What Is Your Relationship with Productivity?

April 30, 2021  Brittany Giles Avatar
What Is Your Relationship with Productivity?

One of my mentors is constantly telling me that there is no intrinsic value in beating ourselves up, and I have embraced that mindset for the most part. But every so often, a thought creeps in, and I feel like I haven’t done enough with my day. I am a huge proponent of listening to and honoring your body with rest when it is asking for it. However, I also recognize that sometimes my body isn’t asking for rest and that I am just being lazy. Identifying the difference has been essential to creating a shift in how I view productivity.

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6 Ways to Change How You View Productivity

  1. Remember Your Why: On the days you aren’t feeling like moving, it is essential to go back to your “why.” Focus on the big picture and remind yourself how this moment can catapult you to your overarching goal five to 10 years from now.
  1. Limit Your Social Media Consumption: We often feel ourselves going down the comparison trap, and social media can enhance this feeling of not doing enough.
  1. Celebrate Yourself: It is essential to celebrate both the big and the small wins. One thing that I like to do daily, along with gratitude journaling, is to document five things that I did really well each day. It serves as a constant reminder that each day is filled with wins.
  1. Determine Your Pace of “Great”: Acknowledge when you are at your best. Some people are early birds, and others are night owls — both are okay. Determine when your greatness is at its peak and create a routine that thrives according to your peak points.
  1. Create Your Day the Night Before: I have started to dedicate 10 minutes each night before bed to visualize what I want my day to look like and what I plan to accomplish. If you keep your to-do list to a minimum (five items or less), it’s easy to focus on creating the day you need.
  1. Create a Space: It’s convenient to work from your bed, but you are guaranteed to be more productive when you create a space designated for your work life. It allows you to be more organized and sets you up for fewer distractions.
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Remind yourself that what you accomplish each day does not determine your worth. But we also recognize that having tools that allow us to operate as our best self is essential. What are some things you swear by to keep you focused and working at your best?

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Brittany Giles

NeoraFit™ Ambassador Brittany Giles began her mission to share her fitness journey with the world three years ago. That journey drastically changed the way she viewed fitness. Fun workouts, her favorite fitness events, and nutrition tips are the foundation of FitXBrit, while she also focuses on the mind viewing “fitness” from a mental and spiritual aspect as well. Brittany believes “our bodies are easy to train and it just takes focus and commitment; however, our mindset can be a bit more challenging when we are looking at overall health.” Ultimately, Brittany’s goal is to share all of herself: the educator, fitness and nutrition enthusiast, the mom, and the woman on a journey to achieve peace.

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    Geralyn Schulkind 3 years ago

    Great story to read and remind us to rest. It’s good for our souls.

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