Everything You Need to Know About the Get Real 2021 Experience

May 3, 2021  Neora™ Avatar
Everything You Need to Know About the Get Real 2021 Experience

Get Real 2021 is Coming — Are You Ready?

What a crazy and unpredictable year it has been. As we continue to bounce back from the chaos of 2020, one thing you can count is our Neora family gathering together to celebrate our wins and cheer each other on at our annual Get Real Conference May 14 -15, 2021. This year, we’ll focus on what has led to the success and momentum we are experiencing right now—The Power of You. The Strength of Us. Without each and every one of YOU, there would be no US.

Once again, Get Real 2021 will be held virtually, but that’s not going to slow us down. We are still working around the clock to make sure our online global event will deliver the ultimate Neora experience you can’t get anywhere else. Whether it is in-person or online, our message is still the same: Get Real is a once-a-year opportunity to learn, grow and connect so you can build the business you’ve always wanted.

Here is everything you need to know to get the absolute best experience at Get Real 2021:

Registration Perks

Are you registered for all the fun? Make sure to register as soon as possible, as this is the only way to enjoy all the spectacular perks and giveaways we have in store. This year’s registration fee is only $59.95(USD), and that includes an all-access pass to an action-packed weekend full of the latest training, can’t-miss inspiration, well-deserved celebration, exclusive perks and, of course, FUN!

When you register, you are eligible for:

  • 400 Trip Volume for Destination Success 2022
  • First access to Get Real Promotions
  • First access to Get Real Gear
  • Exclusive training on new programs and technology
  • Entry into exclusive giveaways and prizes
  • Recognition of your efforts and access to supportive online community interaction
  • Training to help take your business to the next level
  • Access to exclusive Get Real workshops

Plus, if you are in attendance, you’ll be entered for a chance to win awesome prizes, including:

  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Tiffany & Co. Gift
  • Get Real 2022 VIP tickets
  • Get Real 2022: 2 Free Nights at Host Hotel

Stay on Schedule

Once again, Get Real promises to be motivational, fast-paced and full of high energy. Starting day one you’ll learn all about Neora’s innovative and transformative product lines in skincare, hair care and wellness; get direct access to expert training and proven direction; and meaningful motivation from Neora’s leadership as well as this year’s keynote speaker and best-selling author entrepreneur Erin King. What’s more, you’ll get six hours of incredible leadership and vision you’ll experience from the main stage during General Session. Although this conference is virtual, it’s still important to stay on top of your schedule, so you don’t miss a thing. (Please note: all times posted are in Central Daylight Time.)

On-Demand Workshops

This year’s Get Real 2021 will feature On-Demand Workshops for you to attend virtually throughout the weekend, so don’t forget to schedule in time accordingly for these great opportunities to learn and gain insight. Below are this year’s topics for success to plan for:

  • Virtual Parties
  • Helping a New BP Achieve Their Goals
  • Roadmap to Car Bonus
  • Social Media
  • Time Management
  • Grow Your Network
  • Creating a Solid Customer Base
  • Be a Savvy Sampler
  • Identify Your Specific Why & Values
  • Skincare & Hair care
  • NeoraFit* Weight Management and Wellness
  • Compliance Overview
  • Overcoming Objectives
  • How to Achieve Incentive Trip
  • Using Back Office Reports
  • Science of Signum

Turn Off Distractions and Tune In!

Because everything is online, pre-planning is key. Try to plan how and where you will set up your viewing space to minimize distractions. It’s probably a good idea to let people know your plans beforehand to limit any possible interruptions. Make sure to use your social media platforms to network with your fellow Brand Partners as well as company executives, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to celebrate your own achievements as well as the success of others. If you attend the virtual conference with the same commitment as attending any of our in-person events, then you will put yourself in the right mindset to get the maximum benefits GR 2021 has to offer.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to use #NeoraGetReal and tag your photos on Instagram @official_neora or Facebook @NeoraOfficial for your chance to make it on the virtual big screen!

Get ready to soak up a lot of important and exclusive information throughout the event! Be ready to take notes so you can go back and reference highlights later. At GR 2021, you’ll still get the latest tools and training to build your business, be the first to hear about our exciting and upcoming announcements and get inspired by featured speakers in personal development.

Experience Speaks Volumes

Are you ready to become the CEO of your own life? Best-selling author and entrepreneur Erin King will share her one-of-a-kind business leadership guide that provides the insights and tools you need to truly embrace this role and help you better navigate how you respond to challenging feedback from the world around you. Remember to make note of concepts and strategies you want to implement immediately, key takeaways you want to learn more about after the conference and action items you can incorporate into your business.

Positivity Wins!

At Neora, we are a leader in the happiness movement and Get Real is a shining example of that commitment. You can count on GR 2021 to be full of positivity, inspiration and good times, but we can’t do it alone—we need your happy energy, too. Research shows that happier people are more likely to be engaged in a life filled with purpose, meaning and success. So, don’t be shy showing your how happy you are to be a part of the Neora family. And to not break tradition, we will need full participation as we close out GR2021 with Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.”

If you have more specific questions about our upcoming Get Real 2021 conference, check out or email We look forward to seeing you May 14-15, 2021 for an exceptional two days of Get Real!


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