Deliciously Good Taco-Pizza Breakfast

January 21, 2022  Neora™ Avatar
Deliciously Good Taco-Pizza Breakfast


small tortillas, flour, or corn 2
salsa 1/4 cup
shredded cheese 2 tbsps
Ham or turkey deli slices, chopped 2

Heat up Corn or Flour Tortillas and add salsa, cheese and ham or turkey deli slices for a quick soft or hard taco breakfast. Throw in some prewashed greens and cherry tomatoes to boost the veggies and fiber.

If using soft tortillas, heat up tortillas on lightly oiled fry pan until they are heated through but soft. Remove from heat and add salsa, cheese, and deli slices. If taking to go you can wrap up the tortillas in foil and keep the filling separate in a plastic container to keep the tortillas from getting soggy by lunchtime.




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