Healthy Chocolate Bars with Collagen

December 31, 2021  Sarah Lam Avatar
Healthy Chocolate Bars with Collagen


coconut oil 4 tbsps
unsweetened cocoa powder 4 tbsps
vanilla extract 1/4 tsp
Dash of salt
NeoraFit collagen powder 1 sachet
Handful of chopped peanuts and cashews (or your favorite nut)
Sweetener of choice (raw sugar, monk fruit sugar, maple syrup, or honey)
Optional: 1 tablespoon peanut butter powder
Optional: handful of dried cranberries (or your favorite dried fruit)

Craving something sweet, but want to eat some chocolate that has all of your favorite things? Here’s a simple healthy chocolate bar recipe that you can tailor to your taste buds AND has a serving of collagen! The recipe calls for coconut oil as a base, which has iron, manganese, and zinc. The toppings you add to the chocolate bar are customizable, so get creative and pick your favorite flavor combinations!


  1. Mix together the coconut oil, cocoa powder, vanilla, salt, and NeoraFit collagen powder (and optional peanut butter).
  2. Add sweetener to taste.
  3. Pour chocolate mixture into a chocolate bar mold.
  4. Sprinkle nut and fruit toppings on top.
  5. Place in the refrigerator until set. Remember to store it in the refrigerator when not eating.




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    DJ Horton 1 year ago

    OMG so good and so good for you! Try different variations of this recipe and have fun. Nothing like not feeling guilty when you are watching your waistline and reaching for a snack!

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