Refreshing Summer Gazpacho

December 31, 2021  Adriana Lee Avatar
Refreshing Summer Gazpacho


pounds of ripe tomatoes
green bell pepper 1/2
red bell pepper 1/2
onion (I used a sweet onion) 1/2
cucumber 1
cloves of garlic 2
piece of bread (I used a slice of gluten free bread, but traditionally it’s a piece of French bread) 1
olive oil 1/4 cup
red wine vinegar 2-3 tbsps
salt and pepper to taste

Gazpacho is a Spanish soup made with tomatoes and other vegetables that’s served cold. It’s delicious any time of year, but most refreshing in summer! 

This recipe is my grandmother’s and if your grandmother is anything like mine – you know she didn’t measure any of this. But luckily – I did! So now you can duplicate Abuelita’s gazpacho!

It’s easy, quick, & refreshing.  The perfect healthy lunch or first course in the summer!

Gazpacho is served cold, so be sure to refrigerate before serving. I like to drizzle a little olive oil and garnish with additional veggies or herbs. 


  1. Soak your bread in a bowl of water. 
  2. Core & roughly chop the tomatoes, and chop the bell peppers, cucumber, and onion into thick pieces. Set aside a little bit of bell pepper and onion for garnish (chop these smaller). 
  3. Add the rest of the tomatoes, bell pepper, onion, cucumber, and garlic to a high powered blender.
  4. Pour the water out from the bowl of bread and add the soaked bread to the blender. 
  5. Add the olive oil & vinegar to the blender. 
  6. Blend on high until smooth.
  7. Add salt & pepper to taste. You may want to add more olive oil or vinegar as desired. 
  8. Refrigerate first and serve cold. Garnish with the chopped veggies you set aside earlier, and a drizzle of olive oil or additional herbs as desired. 
  9. Enjoy!





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