Easy No Bake Thumbprint Cookies

December 31, 2021  Adriana Lee Avatar
Easy No Bake Thumbprint Cookies


peanut butter (natural, creamy peanut butter preferred - can also sub cashew or sunflower seed butter 1/2 cup
maple syrup 1/4 cup
almond flour 1 1/3 cups
pinch of sea salt


dried fruit - such as dried blueberries, apricots, cranberries, raisins, or cherries 1 cup
warm water 2 tbsps

These Thumbprint Cookies are a staple in my house! They are so easy to make, rich, totally vegan, and so easy to change up for a little variety. They’re incredibly satisfying for how little work they take to make. 

All you need to make the cookies is nut butter, almond flour, maple syrup, a pinch of salt, and a little love. 

As for the filling, you can easily sub store bought jam but the recipe calls for jam made with just dried fruit and water. That’s it – seriously. 

In autumn, I love to use sweetened pumpkin puree with a little cinnamon to make it more festive. And in winter, I love making these with dried cranberries. 

This time, I used dried blueberries – which makes the cookies taste like peanut butter and jelly! It reminds me of childhood. So good! I’ve also added a little lemon zest into the blueberry filling to make them more tart.

They’re so versatile and easy, vegan, gluten free, and a total crowd pleaser!

Makes: ~12 cookies


  1. Mix peanut butter and maple syrup to a medium mixing bowl. Natural peanut butter is best for this since it tends to be a bit runny. 
  2. Add a little bit of the almond flour at a time until it forms a slightly crumbly dough. You may need a bit more or less depending on how runny your peanut butter was. 
  3. Scoop the dough out into little balls. Use about 1 -½ tablespoons depending on how big you’d like the cookies to be. 1 ½ tablespoons should make about 12 cookies. Use the heat of your hands to help form the dough into little balls, and then press your finger into each one to make the indentation for the filling. If your cookies are cracked, use your finger to smooth out the cracks and if necessary put a little coconut oil in your hands to help smooth it out. 
  4. Place the cookies on parchment paper and refrigerate. 
  5. Process the dried fruit in a food processor until it starts to form a sticky ball.
  6. Then add your warm water to the food processor and continue processing until it forms a paste. If you accidentally add too much water, add more fruit to balance it out. 
  7. Take the cookies out of the refrigerator and add your filling into the indentations. 
  8. Store the leftover jam in the refrigerator. This is great to add to overnight oats, or keep for your next batch of cookies. (Trust me, you’ll want to make these again!)
  9. Serve & enjoy!

*Note: Store your cookies in the refrigerator, or freeze them for up to a month. Let them thaw out before eating.




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