Strawberry Smoothie Drizzled with Chocolate

December 31, 2021  Sarah Lam Avatar
Strawberry Smoothie Drizzled with Chocolate


fresh strawberries 1 cup
large frozen banana 1
serving of your favorite vanilla protein powder 1
NeoraFit Slim + Fit Collagen Powder 1 sachet
chia seeds 2 tbsps
milk of choice (or more if you like a thinner consistency) 1/2 cup
Handful of your favorite nut (cashews, almonds, etc)
Pinch of cinnamon to taste
melted chocolate 1 tbsp
Optional: a few tbsp of vanilla yogurt for extra creaminess

An easy way to sneak in extra protein and collagen powder into your diet is by adding them into your smoothie! Perfect for breakfast or as post workout fuel, summer has arrived and we want to use all the fresh produce in season we can. Strawberry and chocolate has always been a winning combination and oh so pretty to look at!


  1. Combine all ingredients in a blender (except for chocolate)
  2. Adjust smoothie thickness by adding more/less milk of choice
  3. Melt chocolate and drizzle on the inside of your serving glass or jar
  4. Pour smoothie mixture into a glass or jar and enjoy!




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    Lisa Theoharides 1 year ago

    This looks so delicious!! Grateful for all these delicious recipe ideas with NeoraFit! I love this system!

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