5 Ways to Boost Your Weight Management Goals Before the New Year

November 23, 2021  Maxie Haase Avatar
5 Ways to Boost Your Weight Management Goals Before the New Year

The New Year is approaching and many of us use January 1st as a reason to set new goals. Instead of waiting for the 1st, why not start now? Keep reading to learn my 5 easy ways to improve your overall health and weight management today!

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Adequate sleep is one of the most important factors in overall health. If you have weight management goals, learning to manage your circadian rhythm is essential and even if weight management is not one of your goals, sleep is necessary to feel your best. Most adults need at least 7 hours of sleep/night. Try setting both a bedtime and wake up alarm every single day. Commit to these alarms daily and watch how regulated you can become. In addition to setting alarms, consider disconnecting from electronics 1-2 hours before bed to promote higher quality sleep.  

2) N.E.A.T. Levels

N.E.A.T. stands for non-exercise activity thermogenesis. N.E.A.T. is the energy expended for everything we do that is not sleeping, eating or exercising. So many people think they must spend hours in the gym in order to change their body composition and although exercise is essential and amazing for weight management, increasing your N.E.A.T. by simply parking farther away from the grocery store or making multiple trips to and from your car can also be extremely beneficial. My challenge for you, is to think of ways you can increase your N.E.A.T. If you have an Apple Watch or Fitbit, consider tracking your average amount of steps/day and try to increase that weekly average. 

3) Hydration

Hydration is essential for weight management because not only does it promote smooth digestion, it also helps you manage hunger cues.Drinking water increases the amount of calories you burn, which is known as resting energy expenditure. In adults, resting energy expenditure has been shown to increase by 24–30% within 10 minutes of drinking water.

Aim to drink about half your body weight in ounces every day and try to stay consistent! A good way to estimate your hydration needs is: ½ your body weight + 12oz. per 30-minute workout = Water Intake (Ex: 150-pound person who works out for 1 hour a day (75 + 24 = 99 oz.)).

4) Stress Management

Many are unaware of how stress goes hand in hand with weight loss. If you are constantly stressed, your body tends to hold on to fat. Consider incorporating activities such as yoga, meditation, journaling or stretching into your daily routine; these activities will allow you to decompress and become in tune with your body. 

5) Nutrition

I could talk about nutrition forever, but the main point I want to get across here is the power of choice. We all are in charge of what we put in our bodies and we most likely have a general awareness of what makes us feel our best. Focus on creating a colorful plate of foods and try to incorporate protein, fat and carbs in every meal. And let’s not forget NeoraFit—which combines a line of daily supplements that support your body around the clock with sustainable lifestyle habits, so that you can once-and-for-all achieve your weight management goals!

I hope these tips help; Happy Holidays! 

Maxie Haase

Maxie Haase

NeoraFit Ambassador Maxie Haase is a Los Angeles based fitness instructor and personal trainer. She has been teaching at SoulCycle for almost three years and is also a virtual boxing coach. Maxie wants each of her students to feel challenged and accomplished after every session. She uses music to guide each workout and loves to move to the beat. Maxie believes everyone has an inner athlete and she strives to push her students to break through their limiting beliefs. You will leave class feeling energized and ready for the rest of your day. Maxie is excited to bring her knowledge and experience directly to you.


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