How to Stay Motivated in the Fall

December 2, 2021  Maxie Haase Avatar
How to Stay Motivated in the Fall

The media is constantly pressuring us to “get ready for summer” or enticing us to purchase products to “fight the holiday weight gain” and honestly, it can all become extremely overwhelming and quite frankly, toxic! I like to approach every change of season in the same way, with what, my friends, I call consistency. Read on for tips on how you can create habits NOW to help you stay healthy and motivated going into any season.

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Create a Routine

Routine is so essential when it comes to cultivating habits and overall consistency. Sometimes the word routine can become confused with other words such as predictable or even boring, but that is far from the case! If you start to create a routine of healthy habits, those habits will eventually become your lifestyle, and once you adopt a new lifestyle, it won’t matter what season you are in, because you will carry your routine into every stage of the year. 

Find What Makes You Tick

I tell my clients all the time that they won’t see results, whether mental or physical, unless they are excited or inspired. If you find yourself dreading going to a workout class or feeling super lethargic at the gym, that may be a sign for you to try something new! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and put yourself out there. You may be surprised by what lights you up, and once you find it, you won’t want to stop no matter what season we enter.

Self Discipline

Uh-oh. The word self discipline sounds intense, and to be honest, it kind of is, but once you create a healthy routine, it is up to you to maintain it. A few ways I stay disciplined are scheduled workouts, structured meals, designated time for self-care and recovery days. Find a schedule that works for you and stick to it!

Understand the Ebbs and Flows

Unfortunately, motivation is not constant. There will be days you feel more motivated compared to others and that is OK! It is important to remind yourself that you may not wake up feeling amazing every day, but that’s where routine, self discipline, and passion come in. For example,  I am currently training for my first amateur boxing match (eeek!), and the amount of physical work I put in training for this every day is exhausting. There are days I wake up feeling depleted, but I know that is exactly when I have to remind myself of the bigger picture and focus on my goals. Motivation is a thought, and we are all in control of our thoughts, and ultimately, our minds. It is up to us to create a home inside our bodies where we feel comfortable and confident all year long. 

Maxie Haase

Maxie Haase

NeoraFit Ambassador Maxie Haase is a Los Angeles based fitness instructor and personal trainer. She has been teaching at SoulCycle for almost three years and is also a virtual boxing coach. Maxie wants each of her students to feel challenged and accomplished after every session. She uses music to guide each workout and loves to move to the beat. Maxie believes everyone has an inner athlete and she strives to push her students to break through their limiting beliefs. You will leave class feeling energized and ready for the rest of your day. Maxie is excited to bring her knowledge and experience directly to you.



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    Dustin Mitchell 2 years ago

    This is the time if year to set goals for 2022, and these should include healthy habits. I’ve personally lost 40 pounds and 4 inches by using NeoraFIT. Any of my customers or friends that I’ve referred to this article should reach out to me so we can get them started on one month trial.

    Dustin Mitchell

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    Lisa Theoharides 2 years ago

    Awesome tips! Over the past six weeks I have been working on make slight changes and meditating on my vision daily. It really helps. I am so excited for 2022! Working on becoming my best self helps my mission bring hope to others.

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