How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

October 5, 2021  Maxie Haase Avatar
How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Did you know that the average person spends one-third of their lives asleep? Sleep is essential to our overall health and there is nothing more frustrating than being unable to get the rest we need. Here are a few of my favorite ways to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Create a Sleep Schedule

Most adults need roughly eight hours of sleep per night. It is important to get your body into a sleep routine that can be achieved daily with little variation. Try to go to bed around the same time every night, as well as wake up at the same time every morning. Creating this type of routine will allow your body to adapt to a regular cycle and, as a result, sleep will come easier.

Take a Look at Your Environment

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In order to rest, we must feel calm. Evaluate your room and decide if you need to make any changes to promote easier relaxation. Most people prefer to sleep in dark, cool, and quiet spaces; if your bedroom is missing any of these key factors, consider room-darkening shades, a fan, or even ear plugs. I love to spray my pillow case with lavender and bought myself a set of super, cozy sheets. Both of these adjustments have made falling asleep easier.

Evaluate your Diet

What we put into our bodies can either promote or deter sleep. Caffeine and alcohol can disrupt the sleep cycle, and being too full or, on the opposite side of the spectrum, hungry, can also make falling asleep difficult. Try eliminating caffeine after your morning cup and avoid eating too close to bedtime. I have been enjoying my NeoraFit Cleanse + Calm supplement before bedtime because it promotes relaxation plus balances the intestine. I mix my powder with warm water and drink it while winding down in the evening. Give it a try and see how it can positively affect your sleep!


Daily physical activity can reduce the amount of time it takes for you to fall asleep at night and can lower the duration of time spent lying awake. When you exercise you will sleep better and when you sleep better you will have more energy for the next day. Sleep and exercise go hand in hand!

Avoid Naps

Napping can make falling asleep at night more difficult. If you choose to nap, make sure it is under 30 minutes and avoid napping in the later part of the day. The more consistent your sleep schedule is, the better!

I hope you find these tips helpful and are able to enjoy your next night’s sleep!
Maxie Haase

Maxie Haase

NeoraFit Ambassador Maxie Haase is a Los Angeles based fitness instructor and personal trainer. She has been teaching at SoulCycle for almost three years and is also a virtual boxing coach. Maxie wants each of her students to feel challenged and accomplished after every session. She uses music to guide each workout and loves to move to the beat. Maxie believes everyone has an inner athlete and she strives to push her students to break through their limiting beliefs. You will leave class feeling energized and ready for the rest of your day. Maxie is excited to bring her knowledge and experience directly to you.



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    Melaine Stein 3 years ago

    sleep is SO VERY important. If i don’t sleep well i do not perform well the following day for sure. Thanks for this

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    Lisa J Tee-Theoharides 3 years ago

    Awesome Tips!!

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