Boost Your Social Media Presence with Engaging, Get-Noticed Content

March 19, 2021  Neora™ Avatar
Boost Your Social Media Presence with Engaging, Get-Noticed Content

Imagine if you hired an agency that could create engaging and creative commercials, advertising campaigns and brand marketing that works for you 24-7. That kind of representation would cost tens of thousands of dollars and, as an independent entrepreneur, you don’t have that kind of money to spend. What you do have is the freedom to create attention-grabbing content and stellar branding campaigns on your social media channels any time you want—all from the palm of your hand.

The Social Media Age

According to marketing trends, 40% of people use social media to research products, with more than half using Facebook or Instagram as their go-to information source. At Neora, we understand how social media has changed the selling game, especially for small entrepreneurs and independent workers. We live in a fast-paced world, and customers want quality products on demand at a great price.

At Neora, we’ve spent years perfecting our online marketing strategy to help you get your products in front of the people who want to buy what you’re selling. Have you fully tapped into these resources? Check out these tips from our Social Selling System that can help you create your own marketing campaigns unique to your brand.  

The Three E’s

We have found that the most engaging posts must do one of three things: educate, entertain or empower. If you have one of these elements in your post—that’s great; if you have all three, then you’re practically a marketing pro. We believe the most effective way to communicate about the products you are selling or the business opportunity you are offering is to educate. This makes you the expert with the knowledge to help and build trust with customers. Make sure to do your research and be ready with answers to any questions you may get.

Additionally, have some fun! Show people your lighter side by creating posts that entertain. Humorous, fun and spontaneous posts will also show that you are authentic and gives your audience a glimpse into your life. Polls are a great way to engage with your audience. Poll followers about a recent hit television show, a favorite staycation destination, or a favorite Neora product!

Lastly, create posts that empower, with content that is intended to inspire and move your audience. You can share famous quotes or simply knowledge that you’ve picked up along the way. You can also let people know about a recent goal you’ve met. If you’re real and relatable, you’ll realize you have more in common with people than you think, and you’ll definitely be encouraged by all of the positive feedback. 

The Three C’s

In order for the Three E’s to be effective, you’ll also need to employ the Three C’s to make sure your messaging makes sense. Anything you share has to be clear with its intent. Before you post a message, ask yourself: If someone is reading this post, will it help them, is all the information there, and will they even care?

Your message also needs to be creative in its presentation. Fun word play, stunning visuals and catchy music can make a dull post pop off the screen. Make sure it shows off your personality and your unique messaging will make you stand out in a crowd. You don’t need tons of expensive software and training to boost your skills—easy-to-use sites such as Canva and Visme can make all of your design look professional. Give it a try!

Finally, remember that less is usually more. Be sure to make your messages as concise as possible. If you feel like you’re writing too much, you probably are. People are busy and don’t have time to waste, so get to the point in as few words as possible and you won’t risk losing anyone’s interest. 

Get Tech-y

Technology has made marketing for your business and connecting with your customers easier than ever. If you want to get people to stop scrolling on by, aim to create posts that will grab someone’s attention in a fun and stylish way. Only post at least once and no more than three times a day, while focusing on engaging content that will get people talking and, most importantly, let people get to know YOU. Soon you’ll be a social selling Rockstar!


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    Dustin Mitchell 3 years ago

    This is fantastic! My business is primarily being built through social media. Everyone needs to utilize this!

    Dustin Mitchell

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