Quick & Easy Overnight Oats

December 31, 2021  Maxie Haase Avatar
Quick & Easy Overnight Oats


rolled oats 1/2 cup
milk of your choice 1/2 cup
yogurt of your choice 1/4 cup
maple syrup 1 tbsp
chia seeds 1 tbsp
Fruit of your choice
Neora Block & Balance 1 sachet

Ever since I started making this recipe, breakfast has become my favorite meal of the day! Overnight oats are incredibly easy to make and taste amazing. I like to make a large batch at the beginning of the week so that my breakfasts are ready to go every morning. This 6 ingredient recipe will not disappoint and you can even add Neora Block & Balance to the mix to guarantee a smooth start to your day.


  1. Add all ingredients to a container, mix together, cover and refrigerate overnight. 





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